Manchester Is Red & Wonderful

Back in Norway after a great trip to Manchester where the highlight was to celebrate the 1968-legends. Can you spot me in the picture above? You have three minutes!

I arrived in Manchester on the Tuesday. During the last flight I met a friend who gave me a lift to the place I stayed in his rented Jaguar. Then I had dinner at Hotel Football before I went to bed quite early that night because I had left Fosnavåg at 4 in the morning…

Not a bad car to get a lift in after five minutes in England on a glorious sunny day!

Wednesday and Thursday was quiet as I can’t remember much before I met up with these two lads on early Friday for a breakfast & a beer or two.

Later on friday me and Sveinar visited ‘Kick Off’ arranged by the Scandinavian Supporterclub with 1990 cup final hero Lee Martin as guest. Me, Sveinar and Bjarte Valen formed one of the quiz-teams only to be level at 9/10 with another team. I had to go on stage and face a question from Lee about the 1990 final against one from the other team. Question was about what minute Lee scored in. My opponent said 57, I thought it was a little bit later like 68 mins, but the other lad won as he was closest with 59 mins being the right answer. Lee Martin was surprised by my lack of knowledge on this, but not more than me! Time to read the books again!

Sveinar, Lee & me
Hi Lee, focus please!

After this we went straight to Hotel Football to watch Gary Neville speak with the lovely host Zarah Connolly. Some good stories and actually some I had not heard before!

Neville og Sveinar

I don’t remember much more of that Friday night but all focus was now on the Saturday’s big 50th anniversary-event. The day started off at Bishops Blaize with few friends before a walking mission to Sale happened with a short stop halfway there…

It was good to enjoy some lagers at The Bridge pub in Sale with these people.

Before the 50-anniversary really kicked off many of the guests took to the stands in the Old Trafford Cricket Ground for a photo. All because the trophy was gonna be lifted with legends Paddy Crerand, John Aston, Alex Stepney and David Sadler in front.

I was very impressed by John Aston at the dinner. A very funny man who found the right time to play the best game of his career surely. Watch more of that in Rich Garner’s full video of the Q & A’s with the players. Watch that below.

Supportersclub Scandinavia
After standing watching at these lot I realized I was from Scandinavia so I joined the picture. Thanks for reminding me Lars Morten Olsen.
Pokalen på bordet mitt
Suddenly the trophy was on my table after the dinner so I had to pose with it again!
Paddy Crerand and me holding a trophy with big Mickey Mice-ears.

I feel proud to have taken some part of it with my videos and a everyone who made this event possible deserves a huge thanks from all of us who could just be there to enjoy.

Then came Sunday and the end of Michael Carrick’s 12 year tenure at Manchester United. The weather was amazing and the sing song at the pub before the game was great. I have already forgotten about the game apart from Carrick’s pass before the goal and his deservedly standing ovation when leaving the pitch. I waited also to his speech. Touching!

My view to the speech from our captain.
Always nice to catch up with my good friend Ben Thornley. Big Sveinar also in good shape here…

Carrick won’t be in contention for the final. I would keep him on the bench even though the tempo and quality will be different at Wembley. The grand old man showed against Watford that he can contribute one last time. But we will not see him on the pitch again.

For the final I would personally go for this team: De Gea – Valencia, Bailly, Rojo, Shaw – Herrera, Matic, Pogba – Sanchez, Lukaku & Martial. But I think United will go with De Gea – Valencia, Bailly, Smalling, Jones, Young – Herrera, Matic, Pogba – Lukaku, Sanchez. Would Josè drop Lingard for Herrera? Or drop Smalling for Bailly? I just hope United turns up with a positive mindset and run riot with a 4-0 win!

Eg og trofeet 2
My precious!


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