Red Army Bet Party + Podcast audio!

A great weekend with a lot of good fun in Oslo and Bergen. Had the pleasure to meet many interesting people and make new friends. I Oslo on Friday I did some filming with Justin Mottershead & Bojan Djordjic.


On the saturday the Red Army Podcast did a live show and shared many great stories. Andy Mitten ran the Q & A-sessions and he is also good at shuffleboardI! It was good to meet friends and dance a little bit after midnight…


After some hours in my bed I got up at 6.40 am to sit in a car for a 7 hour roadtrip to Bergen. After a shaky start for my body and head I got better as the time went by. Some lovely scenery to watch when he had to stop for a piss.


We arrived in Bergen and got ready for part two of the weekend. United beat Arsenal in Fergie-time in Arsene Wenger’s last game at Old Trafford. The frenchman got a good applaus from the homecrowd and Fergie was there to greet him. A touching moment.

After the game the Podcast-team plus Sharpey & Bojan had a great 53 minutes to share with the fans. You can listen to the podcast here!


The Sunday night was also good spent in good company with a beer or two in Bergen’s nightlife. UTFR 🇾🇪🍻⚽


Now I need to get ready for the 2 round of the Norwegian cup. My local 4.div side Bergsøy play against Kristiansund from the top division! Wish us luck!

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