Footballschools in Oslo & Rjukan!

I’ve had so many trips over the last few years really good enough to make films, books and blogs about, but for some reason I haven’t wrote about it. Now on the other hand I’m glad to be back doing just that after a great time with my true great friends from England. Brian McClair, Mike Phelan and David May had coaching duties. Flying singing winger Pete Boyle was there to show off his old goalie-skills. As he will reveal in the video below, there is a reason for him to be in the net. The weather was playing along quite nicely all weekend and I believe the kids got to show and learn new skills with the coaches. In the video below you can check out what they made of the weekend!

David May coaching the kids how to control the ball. Me showing off my head.
There’s always the risk of some sat night beers at some random pub in Oslo!

On the monday Mike Phelan and Pete Boyle went back to the UK. The rest of us went to Rjukan in Telemark. Myself, Brian McClair & David May went to the lovely Gaustatoppen. What a view! Inside I also got to taste the local cognac. I was told I was the first man ever to finish my glass all the way down the railway inside the mountain. That’s some glory for me!

Some lovely local cognac at the top of the Gaustatoppen. It took ages for me to finish it, but I did at the end!
David May & me enjoying a selfie on the top of Gaustatoppen!

After that we went to a Cabin in the Rjukan mountain-landscapes. Just a lovely and quiet place to be. After some fire in the fire it was time to get some sleep before the first day of the two day-sessions.

View from our cabin. Just great!
McClair & May telling the kids to have fun with football!

On the first day Choccy & Maysie did two sessions with 65 kids who was excited to have the former players in their company. Later that Tuesday we had a great lapskaus-dinner in a old old house with the company of the major of Tinn kommune, Bjørn Sverre Birkeland and our great guides Jørn Langeland & Åshild Langeland with others.

Lapskausdinner in great company!
We really enjoyed to visit the Vemork Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum.

After two days of footballschool in Rjukan it was time to end our stay with me doing the Q & A’s show on the last night at Huset Pub in Rjukan. How it lasted for two hours I will never know. But it was a great time for the local people who turned up.

Such a pleasure to set this guys up with my tough questions!

In the video below you can see what Brian McClair & David May made of their stay.

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