On this day in 1985!

Norman and me from earlier this month. Its now 26 years since THAT goal at Wembley!

I cant say that I remember the game. Like many people do. But my mother keeps telling me that I started laughing when Norman Whiteside scored in extra-time against Everton in the Fa Cup final on this day in 1985. I was just about three months old, but according to here, I watched the game. She is a true red, and I dont for one second doubt that it happened.

The great win against Everton is for me one of the most famous fa cup-wins for United. The blue scousers where on their way to the treble, and United got Kevin Moran sent off. But Uniteds teamspirit was never going to slip up. After Morans sending off, manager Ron Atkinson putted Frank Stapleton in defence, leaving Mark Hughes upfront on his own. United then managed to keep Everton at bay in the beautiful sun at Wembley.

And then in the second period of extra-time, Norman got the ball out wide. And the rest is as they say, history. Watch the highlights below!

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