The title decider!

This is from the last meeting in the league in march. Chelsea won that match 2-1 after a soft penalty to Chelsea.

What a weekend. I am now in Manchester trying to prepare myself for the match tomorrow. I was here last year when we met Chelsea to a deciding match. And it didnt turn out well. I should really be home in Norway, because both matches I have attended at Old Trafford against Chelsea. United have lost! 1-3 in 2005 and last years 1-2 defeat. But some things got to change right?

Media says United are favourites after the two Champions League matches, but I disagree. Chelsea are a wounded animal and have nothing to loose. Of course they have the Premier League crown defend, but the way they have fighted their way back to the race is incredible. They are like a big Anaconda swimming through the jungle!

But last weekend they was GIVEN the victory against Spurs. And they have had a lot of other decisions going their way lately. So the pressure is on Howard Webb on sunday. I just pray that we at least get a draw and that Webb is not in focus after the game. If he was, some Liverpoolfans would definatly not let the chance slip away to call Webb a Unitedfan if United won after a penalty awarded by Webb in injury-time or whatever. Well, I am just nervous! Read»s preview here! 

Me and Big Norm back in 2006!

Tonight I am off the birthdayparty for the legend Norman Whiteside. This event takes place at Walkabout at 7 pm, and it would surely be great fun to be there. Last time I met Whiteside was back in 2006 when the Scandinavian Supportersclub had its 25 anniversary. As you can tell of the picture above, I have changed a bit maybe? haha. Watch this tribute to Big Norman Whiteside by Johan Cederquist!

Well, I dont know if there is anything left to say than to stand up and support United against Chelsea and the NUMBER 19 should be on our way!

Come On United!!! And if you are on twitter? Follow me! Have a great weekend!

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