A drink a drink a drink…

Last weekend in Manchester was one of the best I’ve ever had. Because the rivalry between the Mancunians and the Scousers are truly special and tense, and something I had to experience. I came to Manchester early last friday morning, and then I had to wait for my friend Tore Ulleberg from Aalesund. Because he had to fly through Brussel or somewhere… I had not seen him for almost three years, so we was going to enjoy this weekend with a bit of drinking… 😀

Me and Tore. Foster's please!

Then we met Julia from JJB Sports, she is norwegian as well. Or you could also call her Jules! We had a very good night out at a few pubs like  Sinclairs, which are maybe one of the finest pubs in Manchester. We sat outside the pub for a while, but then came the famous Manchester rain… Then we went to some other certain clubs… Can really just remember a lot of beers and a lot of people from Norway… But it is not that easy to remember much more of that night. But the following saturday night we attended a United-night where we would have a good crack with heroes from past times.  David May, Lee Martin, Clayton Blackmore and the good and a bit older Alex Stepney was the attractions at this party. And here is two nice pictures of that night… 😀

Me and the Champions League-winner 1968, goalkeeper Alex Stepney.
Stepney,May,Blackmore and Tore. I never took a picture of Lee Martin who was the fourth ex-United-player at the party!

A great night! And it was just the warm-up before the big day. As usual the Bishops and the streets of Manchester was bathed in Green & Gold. Wonder how long this protest is going to last. Specially with the Glazers refusing any kind of thought of selling. The atmosphere was very good and rouising all morning. ‘Thursday Night, Channel Five’ and a few other songs about Liverpool was sunged. And dont tell me the Liverpool-fans have their songs about us as well! And later on when we came inside the ground, it was quite a good noise there as well. Even if the myth says something else about that!

A happy gang at Bishops. Me, Tore, Johan Cederquist and Pete Boyle himself.

Then the game started. And the atmosphere was incredible and the tackles was flying in. Liverpool got off to a good start and scored through Torres after a good attack. But that was also the last good attack from Liverpool in the first half. United responded after a struggle in the first 8 minutes, and got themselves a penalty. That was after my opinion very soft. It should in fairness be a freekick just outside the penalty-area. Rooney followed up his own rebound of the penalty and equalized. In the second half,  I could actually see the second goal coming when Fletcher received the ball on the right. Because the delivery was so perfect!  And the little korean did the job with his head. A great goal! So we had two great headed goals in this match. But after all the victory was deserved, and nobody could say anything else.

The rest of the night was spent at Trafford Bar, a re-charging hour in the bed at the hostel and then a night out with lads from Cork. We went to a few clubs and had a good time 😀

Will Liverpool miss out on the fourth place now? And what consequences would that have for the team? Would Torres leave?

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  1. så ut som en fuktig og spenstig tur dette, jeg skulle vært med! vi får ta oss en tilsvarende tur etterhvert:)og glem ikke opplegget vi har i gjære i bergen i maI:P
    du har en helt egen evne til å ramle innom de riktige stedene, til riktig tid sporsheim. og tilsynelatende så treffer du også på gamle helter hver eneste gang, dette må da være inspirerende for en journalist spire som deg?

    1. Intervju me David May blir gjort snart i nermeste framtid. Vart enige om han om det i Manchester og fekk en mail med han der han sa han ville ringe meg denne uka eller neste! Du blir gjerne med paa en tur til Manchester neste sesong vel? Evnen om aa vere paa rett plass til rett tid he ej hatt ei stond 😛

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