Work hard, play hard!

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This is the motto that my hero and Manchester United legend Roy Keane had in his more early days as a footballer. Even if he played hard sometimes later on in his career as well. With the recent news that Ricardo Fuller from Stoke was arrested after an ‘incident’ at a nightclub in Hanley, where he is suspected to have attacked two or three people at the nightclub JFK. He was later released on bail. But the case still gets investigated. I have actually been drinking myself at that place. Hanley is a quite good place to go out and enjoy yourself…

Andy Carrol from Newcastle could be next in line after he was charged for violence against another person at a nightclub in Newcastle by the end of 2009. I dont know anything about the nightlife in Newcastle by the way…  And it’s not a very long time ago since Steven Gerrard escaped punishment after an ‘incident’ at another nightclub in Liverpool in december 2008.  I saw Anderson from Manchester United at the nightclub Panacea in Manchester in october’09. He was taking it easy that night fortunately…

Are they all trying to live by Roy Keane’s example today? Or are they not able to handle the pressure and the attention of being high-profile footballers? Other players like Bowyer,Ferdinand,Dyer,Barton and Bentley have been involved with drinking episodes. Bentley crashed his car in aug ’09 after drink-driving. And by the way, Paul Gascoigne, almost of course was this sunday taken in custody by the police after an ‘incident’ in a takeaway-restaurant in Leeming Bar in North Yorkshire. The Police arrested Gascoigne after suspected drink-driving.

They are only humans and should be allowed to have fun. But most of them need to grow up. They have a name and a responsibility. Roy Keane’s motto doesn’t really apply for the players today, because of the high-profile game.

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  1. Da har jeg lest alle innleggene dine på bloggen og jeg må få si at du gjør en flott jobb. «Wifecheater» Terry likte jeg spesielt godt.
    La oss håpe at Beckham gjør to gode kamper mot oss, men at vi revansjerer oss mot Berlusconi-laget.

    Love United, hate Glazer!

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